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Cyber Monday! just keep reading...

So, I’ve been told countless times, by countless mentors, teachers, peers, and friends to NOT discount my services and offerings. I get it, I do…what I do has value. I have spent a lot of money, time, and effort to achieve what I have achieved. I have earned the “right” to be adequately compensated for my work. But here’s the thing…I am concerned for you. Yep, you! Are you O.K.? Are you concerned about the looming winter, the holidays, your health, and wellbeing?? I am! I am worried about my friends, my family, and my acquaintances…my FB friends who I never actually see, my friends of friends, everyone. Do you need me? Do you need to learn how to breathe to calm your nervous system? Do you need to learn how to meditate? To energize yourself when it is dark and cold? To find joy? To journal? To move your body to reduce joint pain?

Look, life is freaking weird right now. It’s not normal out there and we are not normal in here. I have bills to pay just like everyone else, but I also have a service to provide. I have a purpose, a mission, and a choice.

I have been asked more than once why I started a business in the middle of a pandemic that was decimating our economy and many people’s livelihoods. Well, how could I not? How could I sit home, knowing that I had just spent years learning and earning a certification empowering me to help people in exactly this situation!? How could I not invest in an online marketing training just for yoga therapists, figure out office space, logo, branding, and systems? How could I not put out my shingle and just be there for those who may need me? I was not willing to sit idly by and watch statistics and studies raise alarm about the mental health issues due to our current situation and do nothing. I had to try. I’m still trying. It’s not enough.

So here is what I have come up with as my way to help, to facilitate change and contribute. All of my services until the end of the year are 50% off. Once my business costs are covered, 100% of my profits will be donated to assistance programs in my area. (Delaware Valley Food Pantry and Fisherman’s Mark) To receive the discount, go to my site, and fill out the subscription box that pops up…that will trigger a coupon code. If for some reason it doesn’t work, hit me up in the chat or message. Please feel free to share this, even with friends out of my area as I have 2 virtual workshops coming up soon.

Yep, I need to make a living but right now it’s more important to help you live your best life.

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